Thursday, March 22, 2012

3:41 min/mile

Hooray!  Greg and I picked up our brand-spanking new bikes today!

The sucky Greg's bike being stolen situation ended up working out for the better.  The insurance company reimbursed Greg a few hundred dollars more than the cost of his bike so I was able to get a new bike without paying much at all.  WIN!

Strappin' them in for the ride home
As soon as we got home, we changed and headed out for a nice long ride.  We rode north on A1A about six miles then turned around and made our way back, making a couple of scenic stops on the way.

 It is a little paradisey, no?

Gotta love the helmet look..

Throughout the ride I did a few intervals to ramp up the cardio a bit.  Then I got a little crazy and pushed as hard as I could to see how quickly I could cover a mile.  I finished in 3:41!   I was def winded after that, but it was a lot of fun to test myself.

Such a fab way to spend the afternoon.  I am in love with my new bicicleta and I know Greg is loving his.

Time to shower and hang with the pup!

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