Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Funday Gone South

Happy Sunday to everyone.  I hope you've had a nice weekend :)

Ours was an overall good weekend.  We spent Friday night in watching Captain America then woke up early on Saturday to work on the Community Garden with Habitat.  I studied some yesterday afternoon then we just straight chilled and made homemade pizza for din din.

Today was a Sunday Funday until it went south this afternoon, but I'll get to that in a minute.

You wanna gooooo to the proopie parrrrrrk
I started the morning with some studying and got Greg to quiz me for a while.  Then we took la princesa to the "proopie park" and wore her out there.

Mission Wear Maya's Booty Out:  Accomplished!
On our way home, we noticed a car show going on across the street from our complex.  We changed into our suits and hopped on our bikes to ride over to check out the sitch.  It was the Annual British Car Show that has been going on almost 20 years down here.  There were some neat oldie goldies for sure.

Back to the Future, anyone?
This pretty girl is a wolf hybrid - awesome!  Had to capture the awesomeness:

She was huge!

Then it was beach time!  We rode our bikes the long way to our favorite secluded beach access.  Since it was a glorious 80 degree day, we weren't the only ones who decided to hit the beach but we still had plenty of room to play.

We played several rounds of paddle ball and I won the first three games then let Greg win the last Greg beat me in the last game :) 

 I love how great of a workout paddle ball is on sand.  We were both pretty tired by the end of the last game.

Water break!
Notice all the sand on his chest/stomach
Diggin the sweat and sand on the forehead & in the hair sexaaayyyy
Greg took a dip to wash off all of the sand so I stalked him and took lots of pics, normal right?

So on to the crappy part of Sunday Funday.....

Greg's bike was stolen.  And it was locked with mine on a bike rack.  Some a**hole (pardon) cut through the lock with some serious bolt cutters. 

Greg had bought a Giant mountain bike about eight months ago (while we still lived near mtn biking trails in NC) and it was worth a pretty penny.  The thief left my 15 year old Schwinn behind.  Grrrrr I wish we had caught the culprit red handed so I could have taught him/her a lesson with my fist!

 We decided to call the police station (not 911 since it wasn't an emergency) to have an officer file a report.  We thought we needed to do so for insurance purposes but apparently it wasn't necessary.

He was nice and filed a report for us.  It only took a few minutes and then we were on our way.  We were two miles from home so I rode the bike for a mile while Greg walked then we switched half way.

Pretty entertaining watching Grego on my childhood bike :)

Hopefully insurance will cover the cost so Greg can get a new bike.. we shall see!

Enjoy your Sunday evening!

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