Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

Hello and happy Sunday!

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend.  Mine consisted of lots of college basketball, a full day of AFAA workshop/certification and studying.

Study materials
I spent most of Friday preparing for the AFAA Primary Group Exercise certification.  The workshop was held at the local Y (where I work) and there were six of us going for our cert.  Our instructors were great - informative and fun.  We spent the day reviewing everything that would be on the practical and written examinations then finished the day by completing the exams.  I feel fairly confident about how I performed, but I won't find out for another 4 - 6 weeks so I'll be crossing my fingers until then!

Instead of going out on the town like the rest of Boca for St. Patty's Day, Greg and I spent the night in.  I was pretty worn out from the day so it was nice to relax with the hubs & pup :)

My next Anatomy & Phys test is on Tues so I made note cards and studied while watching NC State BEAT Georgetown today!  Whoop whoop we're going to the Sweet Sixteen! (Congrats to the Heels too)

Since I needed to get a longer run in for half marathon training, I set out to do 5 - 6 miles around 6 pm tonight.  I ended up completing 5.2 miles and was pretty happy since I didn't have my usual running partners (watching the UNC game) to help me through it.

My hip flexors usually give me some trouble after a longer run so I decided to try out my very first ice bath!

Since Florida water doesn't really get cold and I only had the ice out of the freezer, it wasn't an ideal ice bath, but hopefully it'll prevent a little soreness?  Next time I'll go out and buy a few bags of ice.

Well, I should get to studying.  Have a great night!

Do you enjoy running by yourself or with other people?  With music or without?

-I much prefer to run with someone, but I'm getting better at solo running.  I usually run without music, but will prob start using music to get through long training runs.

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