Monday, July 23, 2012

Fam Trip: Fri - Sun

Hey there!

I'm back with the rest of the details about the fam's trip here in Boca.  You can read about the first few days here.

After work/quick nap for me and beach for mom and Sarah, we got ready to head south to Miami for the day!
We were lucky to have Grego as our tour guide (as usual)!  Our first stop was Coconut Grove, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Miami and has a really cute downtown area with lots of shops and restaurants.  It's also right on the water which is always beautiful.
Sorry that my hair is eating your face, boo boo :)

We were all starving by this point so we ordered sandwiches at Panini Grill.
I had the prosciutto (pasqueeto for you, Did), mozzarella and tomato and it was huge and delicious!  All of us really enjoyed our choices.
After lunch, we walked out to see the water.

So adorable I can't stand it
We then headed to Bayside to catch a boat tour of Millionaire Row.

Our ride for an hour and a half!

We lucked out on getting a covered, two story boat.  Saweet!

Such a beautiful skyline

After the tour, we crossed the Rickenbacker Causeway to have a drink at the Rusty Pelican.

The patio was wide open and the temperature cooled off, making a perfect evening for a drink outside :)

I ordered the "strawberry mule" - vodka, fresh strawberries, lime juice and ginger beer.  YUM

My model fiancee with an old fashioned
My gorgeous little momma!

We eventually drug ourselves away from the beautiful setting to satisfy our Cuban cravings at Versailles!!!
Best mojito ever.

We ordered ropa vieja, roast pork, fried steak, grilled steak, rice, black beans and plantains to share around the table.

After we finished dinner, we walked to the bakery to stock up on goodies

Cortadito - cuban espresso with steamed milk
So happy with his cortadito and almendrita :)

Just as thrilled about his almendrita!!
Haaaaay girrrrrrllll
We headed home after stuffing our faces and face planted in bed as soon as we got home!

We began the day at the beach so the fam could soak up as much sun as possible before they left.

After washing up, we had lunch at one of our fave spots, Saquella Cafe.

I had the chicken waldorf sandwich with salad on the side.  Best chicken salad I've ever tasted (other than Diddy's homemade)
We relaxed during the afternoon then went over to mom and dad's place to play dominoes and eat pizza!

We ended up playing an entire game of chicken scratch!!  So nice to have people to play with.
We said our goodbyes to mom, dad and Sarah that night :(  They left Boca at 6am on Sunday.

This past week was so incredible.  Everyone had a blast and we were all so relaxed and just enjoyed spending time with each other.

You can never go wrong with a week full of family, food, beach and fun.  It was so sad to see the week come to an end.  Til next time, familia!

Love you all so much and thank you for making it a fabulous week.

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