Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Wrap Up

I'm back to recap the rest of Sarah's trip!

On Saturday, the three of us ventured over to the beach for a few hours once I got off work.

Check out that hair!  He got it cut a few days ago thank goodness ;)
We cooked dinner at home that night and just relaxed.

After whipping up some banana pancakes on Sunday morning, we drove north to Jupiter to the doggy beach!  There were lots of families and pups out there.  Maya had a blast.  The weather was perfect - sunny and warm with a good breeze.

Dogs aren't the only ones who enjoy wind on their faces :)

A new friend

We beached it for two hours or so then hopped back in the car and headed south to West Palm Beach.  Since it was on the way home, I wanted to show Sarah just how ritzy that place is.  She enjoyed it mucho.

The rest of Sunday and most of Monday were spent hanging at the apartment and also included a happy hour trip to the Wishing Well (which may be my new fave spot). 

I hated saying goodbye to my sista yesterday, but I get to see her again in less than a month!!!!! Love you boo!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics of Maya! Miss you guys :(