Friday, May 11, 2012

Sarah's Here!

Hello and happy Friday!

Hope everyone has had a great week :)  Mine has been pretty great because my sister Sarah arrived on Wednesday and we've been having lots of fun since.

We spent the night in, catching up and relaxing on Wednesday and then spent the day on the beach on Thursday.  The water was absolutely gorgeous.  Since there was little breeze, the water was calm and crystal clear.  Sarah said it reminded her of the beaches when she in the Cayman Islands last year.

The Goodyear blimp - flew by several times
We showered up and then ELSA arrived!  Elsa is living in Miami working for City Year and we hadn't seen each other in months.  She was sweet to drive up and spend the night with us.  We headed over to our usual spot, the Biergarten, for a few yummy beers and appetizers.

My girrrrls
From there, we decided on having dinner at a local bar/restaurant, Flanigan's.

We ended up having a blast at dinner because each table had a bunch of trivia cards and we quizzed each other all throughout our meal.  We are some trivia loverrrrs!

I called it a night pretty early since I had to be at work at 5am this morning, but I'm pretty sure Els and Sarah stayed up late drinking wine and chatting it up :)

After I got home from work this afternoon, we hung with Elsa for a bit before she had to go back to Miami.  I then napped for almost two hours (4:20 am wake up calls are not nice) then showered up and we were ready for some dinner!  We tried a new-to-us local Mexican restaurant and it was a winner!

Sarah and I both ordered the "loco bowl" which was basically a delicious taco salad sans fried shell.. yummmmmmy!

We weren't ready to go back to the apartment yet so we hit up the Wishing Well Irish Pup to play a round of darts.
 It was a close game, but check out who came out on top :)

Now we're back at the apartment hangin' with Maya.  We'll probably hit up the beach or pool tomorrow afternoon, weather permitting!

Have an amazing weekend!

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