Monday, May 7, 2012

A Big Weekend

 Well, it was a quick but great trip to Greensboro!  I arrived in the boro at 1:30 pm on Thursday and we were pretty much nonstop until Sunday.

Similar to my recap of my week with Morgan, I'll note the highlights from the trip.

Thursday afternoon we met with Amanda, the wedding coordinator at Proximity, to talk over details for the big day.  After talking with her over an hour, we felt so happy with our decision to have the reception at Proximity.. they definitely know what they're doing!  No need to worry about a thing.

 That night, mom, dad, Sarah, Kel and I had dinner at Harper's and ended up staying to play trivia.  We struggled in the first round, but ended up finishing in third place whoop whoop!

Girl's Day!  Mom, Sarah and I ran a few wedding errands including a trip to Bridal Mart to look at bridesmaid dresses.   Success!  We had found a Morilee dress online and fortunately Bridal Mart carried it. 
 Click the link to see the dress online (in grape)
Picture this in deep purple and it actually fitting!
They had sooo many dresses, both wedding & bridesmaid!
Mom also found her dress for the wedding, but I won't post a pic so she can debut it on the day.  But oh my gosh does she look like a million bucks in it!!!!

We then headed over to Hollywood nails for manis and pedis.  They were so busy that we ended up sitting in the massage chairs for over an hour - awesome!

Tried the gel polish and my nails are still chip-free!
We drove to High Point for Sarah's graduation from High Point University's graduate school.  Over the past two years Sarah has been working hard toward her MBA and Saturday she received her degree!!!!!

The ceremony was set out on the front lawn of campus and it was gorgeous

 Former First Lady Laura Bush was the commencement speaker.  She made a very inspiring speech!

It tried to sprinkle a bit and luckily they had given out ponchos in case!
 My boo boo crossing the stage!!!!

Congratulations, Sarah!!!  We are all so proud of you and can't wait to see what's in store for you in the future, love you!

After graduation, we came home and started setting up for the engagement party.  People started arriving around five to get the party started!

I am a giant apparently
So much amazing food!!!

So good - Michael, Matty Lambe, Grego and Heyward

My other siblings, Kel & JMikes
My beautiful grandmother, Nanny
Us with Nanny and Uncle Dave
Opening gifts

Can't wait to use that!!!!
Kel and Chris gave us the most beautiful champagne flutes!!!
Love Greg's face, they really are that beautiful :)
 As the night went on, things got more and more interesting!  Luis got everyone up to dance to some CCR!

The audience
JM & Hailey

Cupcakes from Delicious!  Ah-mazing

The yummy spread
My sistas
The party was such a blast.  My whole family did so much to prepare for it and I am so thankful for incredible family and friends.  THANK YOU Mom & Dad and all of you that came to celebrate our engagement.  We missed you very much Millie & Nina!!

We were all moving slowly on Sunday morning, but once we got stirring, we headed to Tex & Shirley's to have breakfast with Luis and Michael.  We all enjoyed some delicious pancakes and shared lots of laughs over breakfast.  Luis and Michael then left to go back to Waynesville.

Mom, Sarah, Greg and I then spent a chunk of the day driving around adorable neighborhoods throughout Greensboro.  Coincidentally, Sundays are when lots of open houses go on!  We ended up going through seven different homes.  They were all so full of character and I loved most of them, but Greg and I really fell in love with one in particular.
This one was so quaint and cute, but toooo small
Our fave, hoping one day it will be ours ;)
We then spent the evening relaxing, hanging with Lizzy & Hailey and eating Mellow Mushroom pizza - yummy!
The weekend wore Grego & Max out!
We left Greensboro this morning and are now back in Boca with Maya.  It feels good to be our little family trio again :)

Such an amazing weekend!  Thank you everyone for making it so special!!!!

We're looking forward to Wednesday because Sarah booked a last minute trip to visit us for almost a week - can't wait!

Have a great week!

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