Saturday, May 19, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday was Grego's 25th birthday!  We celebrated with appetizers, drinks and a movie at a ridiculously awesome theater:

Happy Birthday, Grego!
Charred edamame and pork gyoza
After Kapow we walked to the new theater, iPic, to see the Avengers.  We got there an hour early so we could do some exploring.  Holy crap were we blown away by the place, I had no idea it was going to be so impressive!

When we first walked in, we saw several lounge areas like the one below, then we walked into the huge restaurant inside.  The restaurant serves mostly Italian cuisine and has an awesome specialty drink menu.

An escalator in a movie theater??

The upstairs snack bar (which serves the usual popcorn/candy and also filet mignon, sliders, etc. and draft beer/wine)
 We wandered about for a while then settled down at the restaurant bar to try a specialty drink.  Greg had a "brewito" and I had a "spa-mopolitan."  Both were de-lic-ious

Our bartender was so awesome and gave Greg a free little birthday drink (basil and cucumber infused liquor)
 Then it was time to head to the theater - check out those seats!!

We watched the Avengers in 3D.  I ended up loving the movie!  So action-packed and lots of attractive men :)

Even though tickets to iPic are $14, I'd say it's worth it every once and a while.  The seats are huge and comfy and it's just a cool experience.

Greg really seemed to enjoy himself so hopefully he had a great birthday :) 

Have a fabulous Saturday everyone!!!  Congratulations to Morgan running her second marathon today and congratulations to Sarah and Kelly for killing it at their 5K this morning!!!

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