Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Weekend

in pictures mostly, with a few words thrown in.

Made a trip to the mall, rediscovered Crate & Barrel, fell in love, and decided that we wanted to register there.  Went back the next day to do so!

Friday Night
Our amazing Habitat for Humanity leaders hosted an incredible Volunteer Appreciation evening for all of the local volunteers.  There was great food, music & company.

Back to Crate & Barrel to register!

Part of our everyday dishes
They have the sweetest registry system - had to click a pic
We worked up quite an appetite so we stopped for lunch at Corner Bakery Cafe on our way to the movies.

Saw American Reunion and shared a box of duds.... how long has it been since you've had milk duds??  It had been way too long for us so we had to get some.
Relaxed and watched shows until our engagement picture session in West Palm.
Only pic from Sunday - on the way to meet our photographer
A great weekend :)

Two days until Morgan gets here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Have a fab week!

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