Saturday, April 7, 2012


Hello and happy Saturday!  I hope you're having a great weekend so far.

Greg and I started our weekend out with a little homemade Chick-fil-a last night.  I found a recipe on another blog for Chick-fil-A bites with homemade honey mustard.  Wow did they turn out great!

We baked up waffle fries to have on the side mmmm mmm and the honey mustard (greek yogurt + dijon + yellow mustard + honey) was perfect to dip the little chicken babes in.

We enjoyed our pseudo Chick-fil-A meal while watching Midnight in Paris.  We both enjoyed the quirky plot line and are now definitely considering Paris for our honeymoon destination :)

The first chunk of today was spent spring cleaning.  Our little apartment was in desperate need of some attention.  We cleaned just about everything cleanable and we even did some rearranging...  do you ever have those days when you just need a change in your space?  Well, today I had that moment about our bedroom.

The before:

and after:

We both agree that it's more cozy this way and now the bed is more of a focal point instead of something to walk into.

About a month ago I had an urge to create more space in our living room so I opened it up by switching the chair and red loveseat..

Taken in August just after we unpacked everything
 Big improvement:

We removed the rug soon after we moved in.. too much going on
Anyways, so after we spent hours making our little home spotless, we showered up and headed over to Bed Bath & Beyond to finish our registry.

Grego had lots of fun with the gun

Before we knew it, we had finished our registry and it was time for din din!  Greg had the brilliant idea of going to the burger place in Delray that we've been talking about trying since moving here.  To BurgerFi we went!

Holy crap I'm in love with that place!  They use all natural and local ingredients and have frozen custard.  I ordered their veggie burger "green style" (wrapped in lettuce) while Grego ordered a double bacon cheeseburger.  We shared fries and onion rings on the side.

Quinoa goodness
By far the best onion rings I've ever had
We now have the perfect burger place to take visitors!  Since BurgerFi is directly across the street from the beach, we strolled over to check out the wawa.

haha Greg please learn how to take clear pictures
We then decided to try out BurgerFi's custard so walked back over..... we had vanilla custard + peanut butter sauce + oreo pieces + chocolate chips and oh my goodness was it decadent and delicious, not to mention way bigger than we expected

We were in sweetness overload by the time we hit the halfway mark so the rest is chillin' in the freezer.  Tonight was an excellent reminder that living here in south Florida is not too bad.  The weather, food and company were all perfect.

Time to get some rest for our 8 miler tomorrow morning.  Fingers crossed that we'll have cool weather!!!!

Have a fabulous Easter tomorrow!



  1. OK I really really really want to go there and try that veggie burger! Hope the 8 miler went great!

  2. Yeah girl it's on the list of things to do while you're here! The run went pretty well other than fighting with a side stitch for part of it. Hope your 19 miler was successful! Miss you!