Friday, April 6, 2012

Exciting Things to Come

Some exciting things coming up in the next month:

April 18 - Mine and Greg's fourth anniversary.  Plans to be decided!

Old school pic - four years ago :)
April 22 - Engagement pictures being done down here.  Our photographer, Joey, and her husband are taking a trip to West Palm to visit his parents and she generously offered to shoot us while they're here!

April 23 -  Final exam for Anatomy lab

April 25 - Morgan arrives in Boca!  She will be visiting for five days... so looking forward to catching up, beachin' it and sipping on some mimosas :)

April 29 - Morgan and I will be running the Key Biscayne Half Marathon!

May 1 - Final exam for Anatomy lecture class

May 3 - I head home to Greensboro to prepare for our engagement party.  Greg comes in the next day.

May 5 - Our Greensboro engagement party!!!

I'm so pumped about all of the fun things happening this month.  I hope you have an exciting April ahead of you too :)

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  1. I am so so so excited to be down there and visit with you Maya and Grego!! Soooo Soon!!