Sunday, April 8, 2012

8 Miles Finito

8 mile half marathon training run.  Woo hoo!

This morning Greg and I woke up, ate a pre-run breakfast, digested, then headed out the door a little before 8 for a long run.  Instead of running on the usual A1A, I did some research beforehand and found that there is ONE "trail" in Boca.  The trail begins two miles from our apartment so we planned to run there, run the trail out and back (total of four miles) and run back home. 

I'll be very honest and say that Boca's one and only trail is quite a disappointment.  It started out with potential - a nice, wide path surrounded by trees and a little canal - but then it turned into a path running parallel to a big road and bordering some of FAU's maintenance buildings... hmmm not my ideal running trail.  I guess I'm spoiled from living in beautiful NC for 22 years :)

I developed a pretty serious side stitch early on and it lingered for most of the run but I was able to keep it at bay.  By about mile five Greg's knee started bothering him so he ran another half mile then I was on my own.  We ended up turning around before the end of the trail so I ran the last two and half in some neighborhoods not far from our apartment. 

Scrambled eggs and a smoothie followed the run then it was pool time!  As you've seen in some recent pics, I am pretty ghostly so it's time for me to get some color so I'll actually show up in our engagement pictures :)  Grego and I read by the pool for about an hour then came home to watch the Masters.  I ended up napping for a good hour and a half is it was fabulous.

We enjoyed the rest of the day on the couch.  I studied and Greg researched cars - more on that later!

I hope you had a beautiful Sunday. 

Happy Easter!

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