Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Woo hoo!

After 11.5 hours on the road, Maya and I are HOME!  I had a lab midterm at 11:30 yesterday morning so we didn't leave Boca until 1pm.  We didn't hit much traffic, but were slowed down a bit going through Jacksonville.

Maya and I entertained ourselves by singing any and every song to the best of our abilities that came on the radio.  Maya convinced me to open the windows on several occasions so she could stick her head out.  By the time we hit South Carolina, it was a little too chilly for that :)

On the last leg of the trip I played the Alphabet Game against myself.  I won.

We got into Greensboro at 12:30am so we made really good time (only stopped twice).  The whole family waited up for me and it was sooo fabulous seeing them!  I missed everyone so much and I am so excited about spending time with them this week.

I'll be back soon with pics & updates!


  1. Playing the alphabet game with yourself, you are freaking adorable. Hope you have a wonderful time at home!!!

  2. Oh the alphabet game... brings back VA and ATL training trip memories :)