Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ladies Night & First Look at Venue

Happy Leap Year!

I hope everyone is having a good week so far.  Mine has been great since I'm at home with friends and family!  Yesterday was so much fun!

I slept in since I was pretty exhausted from the long drive.  Sarah and I spent the day watching a few shows, lunching with mom and dad, running three miles and just hanging.  While Sarah was in class, the rents and I enjoyed amazing steak that the Didster made for dinner.

After dinner I met Kel up at Harper's for a drink.  We caught up for a while and then Sarah met us when she got out of class.  We chatted and brainstormed all about wedding stuff and then since Harper's was closing at 10 we decided to head over to Proximity for some wine.

The people at the hotel were so sweet and let us into the event space where our reception will be held!!!  I had only glanced into the lobby of the Proximity once before but still booked it for the wedding because I knew it would be perfect.

Social Lobby
Terrace off the Weaver Room where reception will be held
Weaver Room - imagine dim lights, candles, centerpieces, no shades on windows - ah beautiful!
Oh my goodness it is even prettier than I imagined!!!  The whole place is so serene, green and romantic which is exactly what I want for that day. 

Sooo excited!!!
After touring everything we walked over to the restaurant in the hotel, Printworks Bistro (which will cater the reception).  We decided on ordering a bottle of yummy Pinot Noir.

We sat there for almost 2 hours just chatting, laughing and wedding planning.  It was a blast.  I love those two girls so much!

And the funny thing is that when we got kicked out of the bar since it was closing we went back up to the lobby and sat there for another 45 minutes talking about dogs and all sorts of random things.  We just couldn't get enough of each other!  But we finally had to call it a night since Kel had a big girl job to get to in the morning and we needed to get some sleep.

I'm meeting Kel at the Y in a bit for my very first Zumba class!  I've been dying to try it out and I'm prepared to make a fool of myself :)

Have a great night!!

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