Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wedding Dress Blast from the Past

The wedding planning has officially begun! 

After my eye and dentist appointments this morning and working out with Sarah's personal trainer, it was game time!

Our first stop was Proximity.  Mom wanted me to see the "City Suite" to see if we should book it for the night before the wedding so that all of us girls can stay together and get ready there on Saturday.  We were also shown a few of their rooms and all were so beautiful.  So now I have to decide whether we should stay at my parents house or at the hotel on Friday night.  Either way I think we'll have a blast!
We then went over to a local stationary shop, Benjamin Craig.  Our main goal was to pick out invitations for our upcoming engagement party and to just look at wedding invitations.  We ended up choosing both, yay!  I knew that if I looked at a bajillion invitations over and over I would get super stressed so as soon as I saw one that we all agreed on then the decision was made.

Presh right?
From there, we headed over to the yummiest part of the day, Delicious Bakery.  We ordered a couple of cupcakes and coffees to enjoy while flipping through their wedding cake portfolio.  There were some real beauties and I found a few that are close to what I think I want.

When we got home, my mom got out her wedding dress.  It is in great condition for being almost 34 years old!  I somehow managed to fit into it and modeled it around for the fam.  It was so fun to imagine my mom wearing that dress on their special day in 1978.  Don't you think it has kind of a Romeo & Juliet feel to it?  So pretty!

We had dinner plans with Nanny & Gus at 6 so we headed over to their place for the evening.  I had some yummmy chicken pot pie as my meal which was so good but way too filling! 

The Byrne

We went up to their apartment after dinner and my grandmother got out her wedding dress and so I just had to try it on.  It was a little tight but I was able to squeeze into it.  The dress is made of satin, which is sooo soft!  My great grandmother made the dress for her 64 years ago... amazing!  I wish I knew some incredible seamstress that could make an awesome creation using parts of my mom's dress and grandmother's dress to incorporate into my own unique one.

Love the back
It was such an amazing experience to try on both dresses!

Today was a really fun and productive day.  Tomorrow we plan to do a few more wedding things, but I'm most excited about dress shopping on Saturday!!!

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