Saturday, February 25, 2012

Antsie in the Pantsie

Happy Saturday :)

How is your weekend going so far?  Mine has been very uneventful and relaxing, but I am getting more and more antsie in the pantsie for Tuesday.  Tuesday is when I am heading home to Greensboro to do lots of wedding stuff, including dress shopping ! ! !

I have a midterm in my Anat&Phys lab on Monday morning so I have to wait until Tuesday to leave.  I'm using this weekend to clean up the apartment, study and pack up our duds so that we can hit the road bright and early Tues morn!

I have lots of appointments on my schedule while I'm home:

Wednesday - hair appt
Thursday - eye doc & dentist
Friday - cake appt
Saturday - dress appts!!!

I cannot wait to spend some major QT with the fam and get some wedding stuff done.  I feel like since we chose our ceremony & reception venues and photographer, the planning has been in standstill mode.

I will be back very soon with the dets about the boro and wedding stuff!

Have a great Saturday night!

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