Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Best of Fort Lauderdale

Today was jam-packed - tons of food, fun and sightseeing.  Greg and I picked Mom and Dad up from their condo then we headed over to Brueggs for a quick breakfast.

Next stop, Fort Lauderdale!

We showed them downtown, Las Olas Boulevard and the beaches of Fort Lauderdale.  Since the huge boat show is still going on, there are tons of yachts still around.  We parked near Port Everglades to get closer-up views of some of the sweet boats.

We then meandered along the Riverwalk which took us into historic Fort Lauderdale, an interesting and beautiful find.

The Diddddster

We found a neat road filled with yummy looking restaurants.  We chose Tarpon Bend and sat outside to enjoy our lunch.

I had a Mediterranean salad with grilled shrimp - delish!
We really enjoyed all that we found in Fort Lauderdale but it was time to head down to Miami.  Since I took a bajillion pics throughout the day, I'll break today up into two posts so it's not too overwhelming!

Miami post up next!

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