Friday, November 4, 2011

The Rents Come to Boca

Happy Friday!  My parents arrived in Boca today around 1pm and it was such a fun and beautiful day :)

Maya awaiting their arrival
We showed them our apartment and chatted for a while before showing them around the area.

They're here!!

She was prettttty excited about the grandparents being in town
We drove through a good bit of Boca and then lunched at one of our favorite local seafood places in Deerfield Beach, the Whale's Rib.  We managed to stuff ourselves with all kinds of yummy seafood dishes.

Greg and I shared this massive bowl of mixed clam chowder/lobster bisque
Fresh potato chips they call "whale fries" with "whale juice" to dip them in
Rock shrimp
 After lunch, we headed north to Delray Beach.  We took them along Atlantic Ave where all of the shops and restaurants are and then parked to walk out onto the beach.

We came back to the apartment to spend some time with miss Maya before walking over to the Biergarten for happy hour.  We enjoyed a few Oktoberfests and shared their famous pretzels, steak sliders and meatballs. 

After plenty of beer and food we said goodbye to the rents and settled in for the evening.  Mom and Dad are staying in a cute condo just a few minutes down the road.

On the itinerary for tomorrow:  Fort Lauderdale and Miami!

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