Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bienvenido a Miami

This is a continuation from today

Once we got into Miami, we drove around downtown, South Beach, and Coral Gables.  We had a boat to catch at 5:30 in Bayside so we headed that way around 5:00 to make sure we got a good spot on the boat.

Band playing, people dancing
Our ride for the next hour and a half

Fortunately, we were second in line and got from row seats whoop whoop!
Aren't they just presh

Then we sailed off into the deep blue!

This bridge has been featured in several movies.  They were filming one as we went by
The Carnival Liberty taking off
We were taken by several islands that are home to celebrities from all around the world.  We're pretty sure that the house below was in one of the House Hunters on Vacation episodes:

The weather was perfect and the sky was beautiful the entire ride.
This house has been used for MTV parties and various celebrity parties
Just thought this was awesome
Al Capone's home in the 20's and 30's
Beer time!
This is the home of the man who created Viagra

Elizabeth Taylor's

House in Scarface

The Norwegian Epic passed right in front of us
The most exclusive island, Fisher Island.  A one bedroom, one bathroom condo starts at $2.5 million

Mom trying to keep her hair under control :)

The skyline was absolutely beautiful coming back to the dock.

The boat tour was amazing.  It was only $25 for an hour and a half ride - such a great deal!  From there, we made our way to Little Havana to have dinner at our favorite Cuban restaurant, Versailles.

We shared several signature dishes - ropa vieja, bistec de palomilla, roast pork and a Cuban sandwich.  We rounded out our meal with cafe con leche and toasted Cuban bread.  Oh. my. God. was it all delicious!!  My parents loved every bit too :) 

We dropped them off at their condo and now we're hitting the sack since we are in a food coma from all that Cuban deliciousness.  After Greg and I run our 5K tomorrow we plan to check out West Palm and just hang out!


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