Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who Drank the Kool-Aid?

I did!!  As my friend Elsa said, I "drank the kool-aid" ... meaning I am now a running freak :)  And I have to say, I'm super pumped about being in the club!

I got a little 5K happy earlier and signed up for two races in November.  Greg and I will be participating in a 5K next weekend here in Boca and my sista and I will be running in one on Thanksgiving day (The Gobbler)!

I am excited to get in some more race experience, since the half marathon was my first.  I'd like to average a 9:00 min/mile-ish pace for the 5K here in Boca.  I imagine Sarah and I will not be too worried about our finish time during the Gobbler, we'll be more interested in the fun and watching all the pups that will be out there.  They are having a 1.5 mile dog-jog along with the Gobbler!!

These babes will be out there!!
I wish my girl, Morgan was going to be in town to run with us.  We'll have to plan a race over Christmas break and... maybe I'll consider the marathon in May, ahh!

I challenge all of you to sign up for a race in the near future - it'll be funnnn

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  1. Ahh I wish I could be there too! I am so excited that you and Sarah will be running together though :) I told you its contagious! Love you!!