Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maya, a Bulldog?

So as you can tell, Greg and I are quite obsessed with our babygirl, Maya.  We think everything that she does is adorable and that she is pretty much the most amazing pup out there (with a few exceptions of course - her bff, Colbs and her cousins). 

Since she was a rescue from a shelter in Raleigh, we didn't know what breeds make up this magical creature.  We figured she had some shepherd in her and we were almost sure some sort of hound, possibly greyhound.  Well, after almost three years of being asked what she is and because of our own curiosity, we gave in and bought a doggie DNA test.

When we received the DNA kit, we collected two cheek swabs and packaged them up to send back to the laboratory.  After about a week, we got the results....

Well, we were right about the German Shepherd part, but she is half bulldog????  We were baffled by that result.... bulldog never came up in any discussion we had as to what Maya could be.  However, after googling American Bulldogs and seeing pictures of some, I can see some resemblance - Crazy!

We've gotta a little bully on our hands!!! :)

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