Monday, October 24, 2011

Flyin' Maya

This morning we met Millie and Nina over at the Boca Raton mall.  I hadn't been over there yet, and as expected, it is fancy schmancy.. full of ritzy shops and is impressively pretty inside.  As we were wandering from shop to shop we came across a Lululemon store!!

I knew of Lululemon only through the running blogs that I read and have been intrigued to try some of their stuff.  I seriously could have bought everything inside the store... if I had an unlimited budget, of course.  Every piece of clothing is extremely technical and very well made.  Millie was too sweet and bought me a pair of the Turbo Run shorts.  I'm so pumped to try them out!

We enjoyed a late lunch after shopping and then it was time for Nina and Millie to head to Orlando.  We had such a great time while they were here and it's always hard to say goodbye.

Once we got home, we picked up the babygirl to go to the proopie park.  She was quite the athlete today...

We goin' to the proopie paaark??
Found a stick, I mean branch, before we even got into the park

Ahhh one of my faves!!!
We dropped off the babe and headed over to the Y to check out the sitch.   Everyone was extremely friendly and we were given a thorough tour and decided why not, let's go ahead and sign up.  They have brand-new treadmills and tons of group exercise classes everyday.  We filled out the paperwork then did some cardio for our workout today.

I am really excited to try all kinds of classes and I'm glad Greg and I have a place to exercise together :)

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