Thursday, October 20, 2011

Long Time No Blog

Wow it's been a few weeks since I've had a chance to post!!  I have been all over the place and had such a great time along the way... I'll start with my trip to Greensboro:

I arrived in the boro on Thurs, Oct 6th.  Morgan and Matt were flying into Greensboro at the same time so I got to see them for a bit!!  I spent some quality time with the family until Chels and Erin flew in on Friday night.  We got some rest (or kinda, because I was so full of nerves) before our big race in the morning.  We got out to the park and warmed up a bit then the clock started at 8:00 am for our 13.1 miles!

WE MADE IT!!!  It was a beautiful course but super hilly... the last mile and a half was like climbing Mount Everest.. no lie.  But after all that, we crossed the finish line!  I was so certain that after I finished that I would not want to run again for years, but I actually started thinking about which race I'd like to do next.  The group of girls and I decided that we should plan to do a run every six months or so.. that way we have something to train for, get to see each other, and have an excuse to visit a spa :)

That night all of us and several of our friends and family had dinner at Natty Greene's then it was time to hit the town.  It was so much fun and we actually ended up dancing for hours, how our legs managed to accomplish that is still a miracle to me.

Notice my lovely sash Chels got for my birthday - "Another year of Fabulous!"

Sunday was my birthday so we had some family over for a cookout and just relaxed outside on the patio because it was a gorgeous fall day.  It was such an amazing weekend and I'm so thankful for my awesome friends and family :)

I spent the rest of my trip with the family and then headed back to Boca on Tuesday.  Elsa had been visiting Walker in Miami for a few days then she came up to stay with us for a while.  I showed her around Boca and the surrounding beaches, but mostly we ate junk food and drank mimosas for four straight days.... it got a little ridiculous but it was so much fun.  We were able to catch up and enjoy some serious friend time.  We only took one picture the whole time...

This is at the Biergarten which we visited twice during her stay.. oooh well it was fun!!

Els flew out on Saturday so I dropped her off at the airport and headed north to meet my fam in Savannah, which I'll write about in my next post!

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