Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back on Track

Happy Saturday to all!  The weather has been AMAZING here in Boca the last few days - highs of 75 with basically no humidity (where was this weather when I was training for the half???)

So since the half marathon, I have enjoyed waaaay too much indulgent food and lots of vino :)...  needless to say I felt gross and lethargic after all of that and am now ready to get back on track

I find it so much easier to control my food decisions when I eat the majority of my meals at home.  Greg and I made a trip to Whole Foods for tons of fruits and veggies, fish and whole grains.  Although it is more expensive than other grocery stores, I am in love with that place! 

For dinner that night, we baked salmon with quinoa and asparagus as sides.  This was our first time making quinoa and we both enjoyed it a lot.  I'm excited to try other recipes with it!

Uncooked quinoa
Quinoa + salmon.  We snacked on the asparagus while the salmon was baking :)
I already feel so much better now that I am eating well again.  I went for my first run since the marathon a couple days ago and unfortunately, it was just okay.  I'm hoping that during my next run my body will relax more into it so that I can enjoy being back on the pavement.

I want to incorporate more strength training and various types of cardio into my workouts so I am going to join the local YMCA in the next few days.  I'm sooo excited!!

Have a great day!

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