Saturday, September 10, 2011

Could you imagine...

What life would be like if this were your home?  This is one of the many humungous and beautiful "chateaus" we passed in Palm Beach today.  RIDIC

Anyways, the three of us had a great Saturday - we drove up to Jupiter beach (the closest pet-friendly beach) and it was a blast.  There were a ton of doggie friends for Maya to play with and she swam constantly, not to mention the water was beautiful:

We beached it up for a couple of hours then hopped back into the car to head home, detouring through West Palm Beach to check it out.  It is beautiful and a good amount bigger than Boca Raton, with more of a city vibe.  Worth Ave is like the Rodeo Drive of Palm beach, high-end shop after high-end shop.

I'm a big fan of this area and will definitely be back to do some more exploring... hopefully then I'll have a job and can afford to do a little shopping!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I'm waking up early to attempt a 7 - 8 mile run in the morning ahhhh wish me luck!


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