Friday, August 26, 2011

Boca Boca Boca!!

We have made it to our new home, Boca Raton!!  Let me take you through the last few days..

Goodbye Raleigh townhouse!
All of our stuff in the townhouse was packed up and put on the moving truck on Tuesday.  It is scheduled to arrive in Boca on Sunday morning, I'm crossing my fingers!  We loaded up the car and hit the highway around 10am on Wednesday morning.  We only made one stop for gas/food/Maya piddles and arrived in Orlando around 7pm.  Greg picked up his Mizuno van and we stayed in and ordered food at the hotel (Maya's first hotel experience, quite humorous).  We then set out to Boca the next morning, hitting a few rain pockets along the way, but nothing serious. We checked in at the office, signed our lease and got our keys!!

Greg's Mizuno-Mobile
Living room - check out the model by the window

We found our place really clean and bigger than we remembered.   After we explored the apt, we went to the grocery store for some necessities and headed to the beach to check out the crazy waves from Irene.  We then came home to enjoy our first night in our new place by drinking vino (screw-off cap kind b/c we're lacking an opener at the moment) out of solo cups while lying on an air mattress watching a redbox movie on a laptop :)

The walls are pretty stark so I might splash some paint on there in the coming weeks, once I see how all the furniture/pics look.

First pic together in Boca
Unfortunately, Greg had to be in Clearwater this afternoon for his first official event (Dick's Sporting Goods opening), but will be back tomorrow night.  Soooo the babygirl and I are having a girl's night in, most likely organizing stuff and skyping.

I'll post more pictures once we get our furniture so you can see the final product!

Lots of love!

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