Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Settling in

Since our furniture and the rest of our belongings were delivered on Sunday morning, Greg and I have been hard at work getting everything unpacked and situated. The pics will take you through the transformation of the apartment over the last few days:

Waiting for the movers to arrive
The hood, view off our mini-balcony

A hot mess, late Sunday afternoon

The bedroom is finished!!

The longer we're here, the more homey our apartment and Boca are becoming.  There are so many restaurants within walking distance from our place, but we've only been to a few since we're trying to cook at home to save money and eat healthfully.  Sarah comes in on Friday so I'm sure we'll hit up some bars/shops/restaurants while she's here - I can't wait!  I've sort of begun the job search, but just can't quite decide what I want to do.  But really, I'll take anything for now and continue looking for something that really interests me.

I plan to take some pictures around Boca so that I can show yall how pretty it is down here.  I'll be sure to get some pics while boo boo is here too!

Til next time!

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