Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bloggin' Slacker

Well, as you can see, it's been quite some time since I've last blogged.  While it feels like not much has been going on lately, in actuality lots of things have happened since my last post!

Greg and I went home to Greensboro in mid October for various wedding things and to hang with the fam.  One biggie was our food tasting at Proximity.  The food was incredible!  It ended up being pretty easy for us to decide what we'd like to serve at our reception woo hoo!

We also took Greg by the chapel to see it again.  He saw it three years ago at Kel & Chris' wedding, but not since!

Our next stop was Maxie B's to nail down our cake design and... you know, share a hunk of pumpkin chocolate chip cake :)

The next day Millie and Nina came to the boro to meet with Stephanie at our rehearsal dinner spot, O'Henry Hotel.

then we swung by Men's Wearhouse to make sure we're all set with the guys' tuxes

Saturday we had lunch with my grandmother then headed to Raleigh to hang with two of our faves, Morgan & Matt!  I was so excited to see them and was caught up in chatting that I didn't take any pics with them :(  I do have one from our hotel in downtown Raleigh though!

Once we were back in Boca, Greg and I did some major soul searching and discussing and have made a HUGE decision...

I'll be back soon with more details about that :)

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