Sunday, November 18, 2012

FL -> NC

Oh hello!

Things are just a-changin' around here!  We are taking a big leap of faith and moving back to North Carolina!

Crazy, right?  A few months ago I decided to apply to UNCG to get a second undergraduate degree in Nutrition.  Shortly after I applied, I was accepted!  Since that point on, Greg and I talked and talked (about careers, finances, etc) and made the executive decision to move to Greensboro.

So to say that it's stressful planning a wedding and a move at the same time is quite an understatement.  However.... we're making it work and we're trying to stay as positive as possible.

We've been really productive around the apartment cleaning out anything we don't need.. we've taken several loads to Goodwill so far.  But now it's time to focus on the wedding!  It's less than three weeks away!!!!!

Greg, Maya and I are leaving on Wednesday for NC.  We'll be breezing by the boro then heading to Waynesville for the weekend.  It's my FIL's birthday and my fam is coming up so that we can have a nice Thanksgiving meal together on Saturday.

I'll be in NC til the wedding while Greg will go back to work after Thanksgiving weekend.  We'll be officially in NC by January 1st.  Whoop whoop!

Let's finish this quick post with some recent pictures we've taken with our new awesome camera :)

See ya from NC!

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