Monday, September 17, 2012

New Skis & The Weekend w/ MIL & FIL

Hey guys!  Anyone else feel like the weekend flewwww by??

Before I recap our great weekend with Greg's parents, I'll give you another reason why Grego is the best fiancee ever....

He surprised me with a new pair of skis!!!  He found a great deal online and bought them without me having a clue :)

Anywho, Greg's parents arrived on Friday afternoon!  We went straight from the airport to Yard House to have an appetizer and a drink.  I didn't take any pictures on Friday for some reason - boo!

After Yard House, we stopped by the apartment to visit with Maya and hang for a bit.  We then freshened up and headed to Delray Beach for dinner at Max's Harvest.  Max's Harvest is a "farm to fork" restaurant and it was incredible! Around the table we had scallops, tuna, swordfish and other yummy seafood and goodies.  We even tried octopus... although it didn't taste too bad, I can't say I need to have it again :)

We began Saturday with a stop at the buckles... my very first pumpkin spice latte of the season yay!  Then we went on a mission at the mall to find wedding shoes for both myself and Millie.
 Millie also picked out her new birthday Mizuno's!
And Luis got silly while at Men's Warehouse!  He was fitted for his wedding tux and we made a few changes to the tux order for the groomsmen.
The shoe hunt was intense!  After whizzing through tons of stores, Millie found a pair on the last stop at the mall.  She got the below shoe in a different color - sooo beautiful!  I finally found mine at a bridal shop that we hit up at the end of the shopping adventure.
 A midday froyo stop - my first Yogurtland experience and it was tasty!

 Around 4:30 we were on our way to Versailles for a delicious Cuban meal!

 We're always laughing about something :)
 I had to get a mojito!
 Below was the best avocado salad ever.  The avos were huge and sooo juicy! 
 We ended the meal with pastries and cortaditos  mmmhmm
 Then headed to the Marlins vs. Reds game

 We had awesome seats!!

 I'm such a creeper... I loved the little hat that the ice cream was served in :)

We left during the seventh inning, but the Marlins actually won!

We took Millie and Luis to the airport Sunday morning and said our goodbyes :(  It was such a great weekend, but it went by way too quickly!

Looking forward to seeing them again soon!

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  1. Ok, so now we have to get together a ski trip for the four of us!!! Also, what the heck, we both got our first pumpkin spice lattes of the season this weekend (check my blog) - we belog together. Love and miss you both, so glad you had a wonderful weekend!