Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Huge Mussels


I don't have much to share, but I just feel like blogging tonight...  so here we go!

It's been the usual day to day over here since I last posted, but Greg and I did find a new happy hour place and you know how exciting that is in our world :)

Last week.. Thursday I believe.. we walked over to Biergarten for a brewha and pretzel. 

But we weren't quite ready to go home after that so we walked over to Ovenella.  We had dinner there last month and were pretty sure they had a happy hour menu.  We were correct! And it was a good one!

I ordered a split of Prosecco and Greg had some type of New Orleans whiskey concoction.  After perusing their happy hour food menu, we decided on the mussels.  O.m.g. were they tasty and HUGE.  The biggest mussels I've ever seen, much less eaten.

Ridiculous, right?
Our weekend was very low-key and same goes for the week so far.

Maya and I took a joy ride to Starbucks and up A1A for a while earlier and it was a great way to clear our minds and relax :)

Now it's time to skype with the fam and spend the night chillin' with the proop on the couch.


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