Friday, June 15, 2012

We're Here!

Well, after a cancelled flight, a few hours of sleep, and a ridiculous wake-up call this morning, we are finally in North Carolina!

Poor Maya was so confused when we packed up our things yesterday afternoon, gave her a bunch of goodbye kisses, left her for 5+ hours, then returned to eat dinner, sleep and leave her again.  She's a big girl though and will enjoy her time loungin' while we're away :)

"I'm coming with you guys, right???"
I hope to not see that on a clock for a verrrry long time
Greg and his dad headed to Waynesville to pick up some things for the parrrrrtay and I'm hangin' at Starbucks in Asheville waiting for mom, Sarah, Lynn and Nanny to pick me up.   We're going to have lunch somewhere downtown and walk around a bit.

The weather here is a little cloudy with a bit of chill in the air - I LOVE it!!!

 Time to relax and enjoy the mountains.  Have a great weekend!!!

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