Monday, June 18, 2012

A Waynesville Weekend: Part I

Wow!  What an incredible weekend we had in Waynesville.  The pain-in-the-butt travels on Thurs/Fri were totally worth it!

Let's recap, shall we?

We arrived in Asheville at 9am, Greg's dad picked us up and we headed to Starbucks for coffee.  My fam (mom, sis, aunt and grandmother) were due into Asheville around noon so Greg and Luis sat with me for a while then headed to Waynesville for party supplies.  The ladies picked me up after a while and we went downtown to scope out a place for lunch.

We chose a great cafe in Pack Square called Carmel's. 

Mom, Sarah, and Nanny
Sarah, Lynn and Nanny all ordered the sliders you see below - pulled pork with a Cheerwine BBQ sauce - awesome!

Mom, Sarah, Aunt Lynn

 After lunch, we drove to Waynesville so the fam could check in at the hotel (Waynesville Country Club).

 The view from their room.. not too shabby I'd say.
 We then walked around Main Street for a bit
 and of course had to stop for treats at City Bakery.
 (chocolate cupcake, chocolate chip cookie, and homemade granola bar)

Greg met us a little while later to look at my wedding band!
 Love it!!!
 Even better, we finally decided on Greg's band!  It's a 7mm palladium brushed band with polished edges.
Is it just me or does his hand look so strange in this pic?
Friday Night
We made reservations at Frog's Leap (a farm to table restaurant) for the 12 of us for dinner on Friday.  The food was incredible and everyone had a blast chatting and laughing with each other.

Greg and I shared a few small plates and one of them was the Caesar salad (below).  It had onion strings in it - crazy but delish!
 After such a fun dinner and a few glasses of wine, we were exhausted and ready to crash!

We slept in til about 9am on Saturday morning then enjoyed a cup of coffee out on the front porch while catching up with Luis and taking in the incredible mountain views.

A little later, we took the baby girls to the doggie hotel since they would be a little overwhelmed by all of the festivities that night.
 Aren't they the cutest?

Hot dog!

Greg and I then met my family downtown to walk around and have lunch.  We chose a laid back place called the Patio.  

Greg stopped into a beer store and found this treasure (sarcasm) and just had to try it:  Rogue's Voodoo Maple Bacon Bar Doughnut beer.  It didn't go over too well when everyone tried it later in the evening haha.

Since I have a bajillion pictures from the party on Saturday night, I'll dedicate another post to it very soon. 

Stay tuned!

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