Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wedding Dress Success!

Yesterday was such a fun and amazing day! 

My mom, Sarah, Kelly, Lynn and I hit the road at 7:45 am and arrived in Gastonia a few minutes before my 10 am appointment at Poffie Girls.  Greg's mom and Nina met us there for the wedding dress extravaganza. 

My sistas
Poffie Girls has been in the wedding business for 30+ years and is known for providing wedding dresses and accessories to brides-to-be for very reasonable prices.  The store is in an adorable old southern house and everyone was so sweet and helpful.

My bridal consultant, Sara, did an amazing job paying attention to what details I liked in the different dresses I tried on.  The first few I tried on were very pretty but just not me.  Then she put me in one that was stunning.  As I walked out of the dressing room I saw everyone's face light up... and I couldn't stop staring it at in the mirror.  This one was definitely the front runner but she wanted me to try one more on.  The next one was a romantic A-line with a keyhole back that I liked a lot but I just kept thinking about the other one.  So I tried it on again (this time in my size) and just knew that it was THE dress!

Sara "jacked me up" with a veil and jewelry which brought it all together so beautifully.  I could actually imagine myself wearing this dress on my wedding day :)

I said "Yes to the Dress" and we filled out the paperwork and paid the deposit!  That dress is mine!!!!

It was surreal that I found my dress so quickly and I was ecstatic that I loved it and so did everyone else.

We then looked at a few bridesmaids dresses there and found a couple that were pretty so we wrote down the style numbers to keep in mind.  Sara suggested a local tea room for lunch so we headed over there to check it out.

It is called Chantilly's Tea Room and is in this adorable old yellow house.  The menu was much more extensive than expected and the food was delicious!  I had half of a chicken salad sandwich with a cup of tomato soup, hit the spot!

We chatted about other wedding details and just enjoyed laughing and spending quality lady time together.

Sweet tea at the Tea Room :)
After lunch we had plans to look at bridesmaid dresses (and wedding dresses, if needed) at Dawn's Bridal in Lexington so we hit the road once we finished our meals.  When we pulled into the parking lot, I noticed a sign on the front door of Dawn's saying that they would be closed on Saturday due to the passing of Rachel, the founder of Dawn's.  {So very sad and my heart goes out to her family and friends}.

That threw a little knot into our plans, but Kel googled on her phone to see if there were any other bridal shops in Lexington and fortunately there was one only a half mile from where we were!

We zipped over since they were closing in 40 minutes and browsed through their bridesmaid dresses.  We pulled a few for Kel to try on and the first one she put on we loved!

It's a floor-length, chiffon dress with flowers on the waist.  I had originally wanted a deep purple color, but this is the only purple color it comes in which I actually like a lot.  The dress is simple, but will be beautiful on everyone.

It can be worn strapless or with the thin straps that come with it.  I hope all of my ladies like it :)

Since the store was closing, it was time for the day to come to an end.  We said goodbye to Millie and Nina and made our way home.

It's hard to believe that I was able to choose my dress and the bridesmaid dresses in one day!  I felt so happy and blessed the entire day having some of my favorite women with me during this incredible time.  We had so much fun and I can't wait for more great days to come!

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