Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wedding Cake Coma

Long time no blog!

Sarah, Maya and I are back in Boca.  We made the trip down on Tuesday and have been haaaangin since.  Let's recap a bit about the rest of my NC wedding planning adventures.

I had made cake tasting appointments at both Maxie B's and Delicious on Monday.  My mom and I headed over to Maxie B's first.  We met with the event coordinator, Shannon, and she was so great.  We talked about design and pricing, then she brought us the list of cake flavors.  She said we could choose any of the flavors we wanted to try.... we chose 9 not knowing that she would bring us out a HUGE slice of EACH flavor.  Oh my goodness were we overwhelmed by delicious cake.

Soooo much cake
We tried to only have a small bite of each, but of course if we liked a flavor a lot we would slip in another bite or two :)

My precious Little Momma
We were able to narrow it down to three.... pumpkin chocolate chip, apple, and oreo.  (red velvet def an option too)

Design-wise I'm still all over the place, but here are two cakes I like a lot

With purple orchids or another deep purple flower
 We were very happy with Maxie B's, but still had an appointment at Delicious so we headed over there in a full-on sugar coma.  We met with Ben at Delicious and he was very nice and very casual.  We tried their white cake with strawberry buttercream (which won't be available in Dec), red velvet with cream cheese icing, yellow cake with fudge and chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.

All of them were yummy but we were almost sick from the amount of cake we'd consumed in the last couple hours.

Both bakeries were great and we know either will do a fantastic job.  We did decide on going with Maxie B's and we're very excited about it!

From there, Mom and I met with Kari at Central Floral Gardens.  She got straight down to business and in 20 minutes we had decided on my bouquet, bridesmaids' bouquets, boutonnieres, and the pew markers for the ceremony.  She was goooood!

I have to say that this last week was impressively productive.  We have crossed most of the big things off the wedding to-do list and now it's just smaller details we have left!  Whoop whoop!

Wedding Dress
Bridesmaid Dress

Well, Sarah and I are going to get our workout on.  Greg comes home tonight!!!!!! Can't wait to see him :)

Have a great day!

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