Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From the Weekend & a Mizuno Christmas


Since it's been a few days, let's rewind to Sunday.  Greg and I relaxed for the first part of the day then headed down to Fort Lauderdale for the International Car Show.  It was held in a convention center adjacent to Port Everglades.

There were lots of brands to check out!

My faves:

New bugger!
Sooo different than mine inside... didn't feel the same at all
Smartcar.... I've been obsessed since our Paris trip in 2001.
I also love the Acura RDX.. maybe one day

Greg's faves:

Ferrari of some sort.... Greg, maybe someday we'll win the lottery
Audi A8
Okay, enough about cars.  So from there we stopped at Panera for lunch then drove over to Sunrise for the Carolina Hurricanes/Florida Panthers hockey game #2!!!

We arrived at the arena in time to hang out with our boys while they warmed up :)

 We chose to save some money and go with $10 tickets and sat on the upper level, but first row.  Ended up being great seats since we could see everything so well!

Hey, wanna know something soooo surprising???  The Canes lost.  Again.  Who would have guessed?  Oh well, still love them!!!

Okay so now to the fun part.  Last week I decided I wanted to order another pair of Mizunos since my running shoes have about had enough...... I ended up ordering THREE pairs and a pair of capris while Greg ordered one pair of shoes.

FedEx came today which meant it was Christmas all over again!!!!!!

Hurry open it open it!!!!!
Did you get meeee a pair mama???

Yellow = running, purple = walking/misc, green/purp = strength/crossfit!
We're ready for CrossFit!!
 After we calmed down from opening our new gifts, we decided to test them out and go on a stroll to get ice coffee and wander through neighborhoods!

 Such a beautiful day here in south Florida, sunny and warm

Love this
The verdict:  We both loved how the new shoes felt!  Can't wait to take my others out for a test run.. maybe tonight!

I hope you're having a great week!

Catch ya later :)


  1. is that a Mizuno tee that you are wearing? which one is it? It looks really comfy and a good fit.... maybe me an easter present to myself!

  2. Yes it's the Mizuno Women's Inspire Tee! I have a couple of them and they're super comfy! Let me know if you want to order some :)