Saturday, March 24, 2012

Exploring Delray

Happy Birthday to my amazing sister Sarah.  I love you so much boo!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Saturday, how I love you.

This morning we woke up early to head to Boynton Beach for Habitat.  We helped lead a Brush with Kindness event, finishing up around 1 pm.

We then washed up and decided to check out an Asian food fair going on in nearby Delray Beach.  Delray is the cutest beach town with an eclectic feel.   We walked down Atlantic Ave until we reached the fair... they were charging a fee to get in and once we saw it, we just decided we weren't feeling it.

So instead we chose a local place to have a craft beer - great decision!  First stop, The Office.

Greg and I both tried the Monk in the Trunk, an amber ale from the local Jupiter brewery, Inlet Brewing Co.  It was really yummy!

Our stomachs started to grumble and we weren't diggin' much on the Office's menu so we walked around a bit til we came across Mellow.

There we shared an order of pretzels and enjoyed a Sam Adam's summer ale.  Double yum.


We chatted and munched for a long time before deciding it was time to head back to Boca.  We played with the proopa for a while then walked to Yokohama for sushi.

I ordered a glass of Chard, Greg a Sapporo and we shared four rolls - shrimp tempura, california, mizner, and spicy tuna.  Overall the sushi was really good and 1/2 off - always a huge win.

 Forgot to take a pic until we had one piece of each roll left haha

Now we're home relaxing.  It was a great day together.   I'm glad we had a such a good time because this next week could potentially be very long.... possibly an unplanned trip home....

More about that later.  Lots of love to all.

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