Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Activities

A little while after breakfast yesterday, Greg and I took Maya on a nice 3.5 mile walk.  We walked down to A1A, stopped near the beach, and did a loop home.

Before we got going though, it was time to mess with the proopa! ;)

Dada, this is not cool
I'll be the leader!

 It was an absolutely gorgeous and crisp day.  We both wore long sleeves - awesome!

So this next picture you will see how Maya freaked out on this one particular bridge.  The poor thing immediately halted as soon as we stepped onto it.. therefore Grego had to carry her across.  We will be avoiding that bridge from now on!

Pretty hilarious picture though

Hard to see, but we saw several colorful fish
We showered up, hit the grocery store, then vegged on the couch and watched football with beer in hand.  A great Sunday!

I hope yall are enjoying Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and that you take a minute to remember why we celebrate this holiday.

Til next time

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