Friday, January 13, 2012

London Day 5 - Wimbledon & St Paul's

We hopped onto the tube to make our way south to Wimbledon.  The station we got off at was over a mile walk to the stadium so we had to book it to make our 11:30 am tour!  Fortunately, we made it!

Court #1

Our tour guide was awesome
See See touching the grass of Court #18

Boro representin'!
Press Room
Center Court!! Where semifinals and finals take place
They had a heat light on the court so it messed with the lighting :(
Score board from last Wimbledon Finals

Fancy - each seat had its own cover
The Williams sisters have kicked Wimbledon's booty over the last decade!
The neighborhood of Wimbledon is very high-end and the houses we saw on the walk were beautiful.

We took the tube back to the hotel to meet up with Diddy and from there, we headed over to St Paul's Cathedral.  Oh my goodness is it gorgeous..  Westminster Abbey is pretty, but St Paul's is exquisite

It was super cool because we were able to climb the steps up to the dome and get an awesome view of the city from the top!

Financial District
Ooooh the stairs... there were hundreds
At the tippy top!

The tall building under construction will be the tallest building in Europe when completed

Cameras weren't allowed inside but here's one I took from google:
Amazing right?
We stopped into Cafe Rouge to have a beer and some munchies.  We later had dinner at a cute pub called the Brass Monkey across from our hotel.

Lookin' a little rough but Diddy is a cutie
Beautifully lit up
The only picture I took at the Brass Monkey - fail
Another great day.  Only two more recaps left to share then back to reality :)

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