Thursday, January 12, 2012

London Day 4 - Churches, Museums & Bridges

Day 4 of our trip was another busy day!

We got to Westminster Abbey just as it opened to take a tour.  I was almost overwhelmed by the enormity of the church.  It is so gorgeous and full of hundreds of years of history.  Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed inside, but here are a few of the outside:

Our next stop was the Churchill War Rooms.  What is now a museum housed the command center for Winston Churchill and government members during World War II.  It is all underground and it was interesting imagining living in such a confined space for so long.  Once again, I couldn't take pictures inside.

On to the British Museum!  That place is huge so we just hit some of the hotspots:

Samurai armor
Easter Island statue
Rosetta Stone
Statues from the Parthenon

Last sight to see of the day was Tower Bridge.  We were able to enter the bridge and walk across to get amazing views of the Thames and awesome buildings.


Soooo excited about being Mrs. Munoz :)
Crazy wind and rain, blowing Grego sideways
 Instead of going straight back to the hotel, we enjoyed coffee and some delicious breads from Le Pain Quotidien.

The rents had dinner plans with some of my dad's workmates so Grego, Sarah and I had dinner at another Italian place, Prezzo.  We enjoyed a couple bottles of wine since Grego was having to leave the next morning :(

I couldn't have been happier having him there along with my family.  I wish he had been able to stay the entire time, but someone's gotta pay off the ring ;)

See ya tomorrow!

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  1. In Russia, I think we ate at Le Pain Quotidien about.... 4 times a week if not more. DELISH.