Sunday, January 8, 2012

London Day 2 - The Proposal!!!

We started New Year's Day with breakfast down the street from the hotel at Patisserie Valerie.  Greg and I shared a chocolate croissant, apple porridge and freshly baked scones.  We had delish cappuccinos to drink.

Cutie :)
The majority of the day was spent walking through different areas of the city, therefore most of the pics below are of buildings.  The architecture is so varied and gorgeous.

We tried to visit the British Museum but it was closed on New Years Day.
British Museum

Covent Garden
Love the taxis!!
Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park
Since the weather decided to turn to crap and downpour, we sought shelter in Harrods for a bit.  It's a super famous and huge department store in London.  We were able to avoid the rain, but about a bajillion other people decided to seek shelter there too haha.

Escalators in Harrods

Lots of shopping in Covent Gardens

Love the contrast of new and old
After a stop at Starbucks to warm up, we decided to walk to the river and cross over the pedestrian bridges.  As I was busy taking pictures, Grego was apparently fumbling with the ring in his pocket... I never caught on! 

Lalala just clicking pics...

 No idea that my life was about to change forever :)

This was taken right before he popped the question!!!

So here's the story of how it happened!!:  All of us were walking along the bridge checking out the sights and as I was taking pictures, my fam kept walking on.  After I had the pics I wanted, I told Greg that we should go catch up with them, but he held me back and said to hold on a second.  I figured he wanted to have a nice couply moment, but then a few sentences in I realize this was something different..... at the end I hear "will you marry me?"

After a few rounds of "are you serious?" "seriously? oh my god, are you serious?"......... 

I said YESSS!!!!!! 

I was so so so shocked and so so so so happy :)  It's still hard to believe that he came all the way to London to propose... it couldn't have been any more perfect!!

This was our view during the proposal & Big Ben struck 6pm at the same time
Love this pic... took it as we were walking to dinner to celebrate!
 We celebrated with drinks and food at the Greencoat Boy Pub.

The ring!!!!!!!!

Absolutely perfect
We had never discussed what I wanted in a ring (we never discussed getting engaged hehe) and he did an amazing job!!

I feel so lucky to be marrying my best friend and the love of my life.  Also that I got to share this special moment with my family.  Love you all!!!

See ya soon with a Day 3 post!

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