Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gin Blossoms & Beach Day

We had seen a poster earlier in the week that the 90's band, Gin Blossoms, would be playing at Mizner Park Friday night.  Greg and I are big 90's music fans so we decided we would plan our Friday night around hearing the Gin Blossoms play.

Before we left we had a little photo-op

Woooo we're pastey
We ventured over to Mizner Park around 5:30 to enjoy happy hour at a new Asian place called Kapoww!  The happy hour menu was the bomb - $3 drafts, $3 house wines and $3 bar bites.  I had a couple glasses of wine while Greg enjoyed a few beers.  We also had a few rounds of delicious dumplings and spring rolls.

From there, we went to Uncle Julio's, which is next to the amphitheater.  We scored an awesome table out on the patio!  We munched on some chips and salsa until we ordered fajitas for two while listening to the opener.  About the time our food arrived, Gin Blossoms began!  We could hear them perfectly and it was so fun to go back to the 90's for a bit.

Demolished!  What a mess :)

We ended up being so full and semi-drizzy that we walked home before the end of the show.  We were happy since we heard 3 of the 4 Gin Blossom songs that we actually know :)

Since Grego doesn't have any work stuff to do this weekend, we slept in this morning then made pancakes.  We then threw our suits on, lathered up, and hit the beach (our pastey skin was begging for some Vitamin D!).  We rode our bikes down to a quiet beach access and had the beach almost to ourselves. 

We hung on the beach for an hour and a half before our stomachs started grumbling for lunch.  We hopped back on our bikes and rode south a mile to Deerfield Beach.  We picked Amante's pizza, where I had a huge slice of pep/mush and Greg had two slices of sausage.. yum yum

Back to healthy eating tomorrow!
Nom nom nom
Today was such a good mix of fun, sun and exercise.  We totaled 7 miles on the bike - good enough for me on a Saturday!

Not sure what we have in store for tonight, probably some major proopa/tv time!

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