Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Farewell Bugaboo

Last week, I had to say my final goodbye (via Skype) to my precious green VW bug, Kiwi.  Kiwi and I had been together since I was 15, when I first learned how to drive a stick.  We stuck together throughout high school and all through college.

I waited a while to see how Greg and I fared with only one car down here and after two months, we decided that one car would suffice.  Instead of Kiwi just sitting in the driveway at my parents house, I put her on the market so that her amazingness didn't go to waste.  After about a week, I got a nibble on Craig's List and they came to look at her!

The couple lives in Greensboro and they ended up buying Kiwi as a surprise Christmas present for their 16 year old daughter.  She will be carrying on the tradition :)  I hope she looooves her as much I do!

I definitely miss zooming around in that little green machine, but I think Kiwi and her new owner will have so much fun together!

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