Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Waynesville Weekend: Father's Day

You may catch up about the rest of our weekend in Waynesville here and here.

We slowly got moving on Sunday morning and headed over to my Uncle Fred's house.  He and Janet made a big yummy breakfast to celebrate Father's Day for two amazing fathers, Fred and Diddy.  We chowed down on homemade bread and jam, eggs and grits.

We relaxed and talked for a while before saying goodbye to Fred and Janet and made our way to Lake Junaluska.  Nanny spent some summers at the lake and we wanted to check it out again because it has some of the most beautiful views in Waynesville.

You know me and cameras, so I of course had to do a photo shoot.  These pictures were taken with my phone so they're not great quality!

 Happy Father's Day to the best Diddy in the world!!!!!!!!!

Love this!!

Unfortunately, it was time for the fam to get back to the boro so we had to say bye :(  Luckily I'll be home in just a few weeks so that made it easier!  Thank you Mom, Dad, Sarah, Lynn and Nanny for spending the weekend with us and making it so special.  Love you all!!!!

A little while later, we went to pick the girls up from the puppy hotel.  They were so happy to go home!
Paddie came with us!

Later in the evening, we washed up to get ready for dinner at Bocelli's.

I will never tire of that view

 Happy Father's day to my future father-in-law, Luis!!!!!

After dinner, the clouds rolled in and created this awesome view:

We ended the evening with a second glass of wine out on the porch.

Our flight was at 8am out of Asheville so we were up early and fortunately had smooth travels back to Boca.  It was tough coming back to south Florida, but seeing Maya made it much easier :)

This weekend was one we'll definitely never forget!!!

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