Sunday, April 15, 2012

Delray Affair

Happy Sunday!  Hope you've had a fabulous weekend :)

Yesterday Grego and I were part of a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser in Delray for the A Brush With Kindness program.  We held up signs advertising our parking lot and also washed a bunch of cars - we ended up raising over $600 in six hours!!

We then spent the evening in, cooked dinner and watched some of our shows.  This morning I got up at 6:30 to prepare for my nine mile run.  I took off 30 minutes later and felt really strong until about mile seven when I slowed down a bit, but I finished the nine in 1:33.  Only one more long run before the half in two weeks!

After eating breakfast and showering, Greg and I drove back up to Delray Beach to check out the 2012 Delray Affair.  Delray Affair is the largest arts and crafts festival in Palm Beach County.   Ten blocks of Atlantic Avenue are blocked off and the street is lined with people's creations and yummy food.

Sampling a red wine "slushie" - it was pretty good but too sweet
After a while we decided to seek a bit of shade so we walked into the Colony Hotel for a minute.  As soon as we walked in, it was as if we stepped back into 1950's Cuba.  The hotel has been around since 1926 and it is so quaint and colorful.

We're hoping our parents will stay here the next time they visit - or at least we'll go have a mojito at the hotel bar :)

Then it was time for arepas!  Greg had raved about an arepa he had at a tournament a while back so I was excited to try my very first one.  If you're not familiar with arepas, they are delicious sweet corn cakes with melty mozzarella cheese inside.

It did not disappoint that's for sure!

Check out this adorable giant.... I just couldn't get enough of the beautiful boy!

Being sprayed with water to cool him off
The Animal Rescue Force of South Florida had a tent so we of course had to pay a visit to the pups. 

Look at all the people - I swear all of south Florida was in Delray today haha

 Before we headed back to our car we made a quick purchase:

A picture collage of buildings all across NC State's Campus.  Plan to unwrap & frame soon!
and shared an Italian sausage that was the messiest thing ever but super yummy.

Delray Affair was definitely something worth exploring!  We had lots of fun but also had enough sun for the weekend.

Now we're back home on the couch relaxing, where we'll most likely remain for the rest of the evening.  Have a great night!

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