Thursday, February 9, 2012

Skiing in Steamboat

Hello from Steamboat Springs, Colorado!

Greg and I arrived in Steamboat around 8 pm last night after flying out of Fort Lauderdale direct to Denver... 

The plainest turkey wrap ever... ooooh airport food
Then picking up our rental car and driving three hours to Steamboat.

So excited about SNOW
Our ride for the next few days
We met Greg's dad, bro and friends at a local burger place to eat a quick bite and then headed to the condo. We are only a five minute walk from the village and this area is so cute.

This morning we woke up bright and early to get prepared for the day.  Since I have never tried skiing before, we thought it best that I get a lesson.  I picked up some rental boots and skis and met up with my group for the day while Greg and Michael hit up the serious slopes. 

My first go at skiing was actually a success!  I was able to get a hang of it so much quicker than when I tried snowboarding.  I didn't fall once which I found quite exciting.  I plan to go back out tomorrow and am trying to decide whether or not to take another lesson.

Hours on the mountain most definitely warrants an alcoholic beverage afterwards.  We had a few New Belgium brews with Greg's dad and just chatted it up for a while by some sweet outdoor fireplaces.

This would have been good, had I not been wearing my awesome ear warmer
We walked back to the condo, suited up and hit le hot tub.  I will admit that a long day of skiing + 2 beers + 100 degree tub equals a lightheaded, hot mess of a Kathryn.  Luckily I didn't pass out even though it sure felt like I could have!

After showering we walked to Slopeside Grill for dinner.  Greg and I shared baked ziti and a margarita pizza... carb loading is expected the night before skiing right?? ;)

Well, now we are all pooped and ready to hit the sack.  Hopefully tomorrow will be another fun and successful day.

See ya later!

Are you a skiier or snowboarder?  How long did it take you to get a hang of it?

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