Thursday, February 16, 2012

Party at the PGA Superstore

Last night, Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County was hosting an appreciation night for all of the crew leaders.  The PGA Superstore in Delray Beach was nice to let us gather there and have a little fun!
Surprise Grego!
After a beautiful drive north on A1A, we arrived at the store aound 6:30 pm.

Sorry for the blurriness but it was too pretty to not attempt pictures

We were directed to the meeting room where the Volunteer Coordinator, Diana, had brought dinner for us.  There was ceasar salad, wings and pasta.  I had a little bit of each as my meal.

Pretty tasty!
About 20 people showed up.  Everyone filled their plates and then we all introduced ourselves.  We had a quick meeting and then it was time to get our golf on!

The activities started with a putting challenge.  I failed on the first hole, but Grego made it to the "winner's circle," but missed the second hole.

The next stop was the golf simulator - whoever can get closest to the pin wins!  I had a few good shots, but def didn't get too close to the pin.  Greg sliced a few himself ;)

The group spectating
The last activity was a scavenger hunt.  We were split up into two teams and Diana and Ana placed clues all around the store that eventually led us to the practice shot area.  There, each of us attempted at hitting the ball over 75 mph (for females, 100mph for males).  My team ended up winning, IN YOUR FACE Greg's team :)

We were given tickets to the Honda Classic for winning!  I received a practice round ticket for Tuesday the 28th, which is the day I'm planning on leaving for home.  I may have to give my ticket away booo

It was a fun night and I'm glad we got to meet some fellow Habitaters we hadn't met before!

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