Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Football

Today was a big day.... my very first Miami Dolphins game (which was actually my first NFL game)!

The day started out gloomy and rainy, but as soon as the game began, out came the sunshine!

Thanks to Craig's List, we scored two awesome end-zone seats just nine rows up!

Oooh hello there, beautiful Reggie, I rocked your number on my shirt today..

You can see in the screen how the flag is shaped like the United States - so cool!

We scored the first touchdown and thennn the Eagles scored one of their own and never turned back....

Since the Dolphins couldn't keep possession of the ball during the majority of the game, there were a few boring moments, but fortunately we had homegirl, an Eagles fan, to entertain us during those times.

She was full of profanity and awesome dance moves, let me tell ya!
The Eagles ended up winning 26 - 10 so we peaced out a little before the end to try to beat the stampede.

Although the Dolphins couldn't pull a W for us today, it was so much fun being in the stadium with all the drunkies and enjoying a little live Sunday football.

Oh yeah, Flo Rida made an appearance!
Til next time Fins!

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