Monday, November 28, 2011

Gobble Gobble

We started Thanksgiving this year on the right foot... with the Greensboro Gobbler 5K!!  It was a rather chilly morning, but absolutely gorgeous.  Sarah, Kel and I kicked toosh on the hilly course and crossed the finish line ready to get our grub on!  The Gobbler will definitely be a tradish from now on :)
About to head out to Country Park for the Gobbler!
Thanksgiving hugs :)
Every year, my family hosts around 30 people for Thanksgiving.  Therefore, serious preparations have to be made the day before.  Sarah and I helped our parents cook what we could on Wednesday then helped with the finishing touches after our run the morning of.  Thursday was full of yummy food and lots of mimosas.

Maya in her pretty scarf
Frankie in his Thanksgiving bowtie

Max and Frankie lookin' handsome
After we all stuffed ourselves, it was picture time!  (would have been smarter to take them pre-feast to avoid food bellies whoops! ;))

Sarah and Little Momma
Lizzy & Uncle Tom
Dana, Justin, Matt and Diddy
Will, Hailey & Andy
Hailey & Andy
The cousins
My mini-me
Hailey & Boo Boo
Andy, Little Momma & Will
Little Momma with the girls
My gurrrrllll

Being silly :)
 I'm so glad we got some good pictures of everyone.  It's hard to believe Thanksgiving break is over and now it's time to get geared up for Christmas!  Yay!

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