Monday, July 16, 2012

Quick Recap

Highlights from my trip in Greensboro:

Meeting the most precious babygirl, Lilyana

Poolin' it with Sarah and Becca (and the pups)

Babysitting Lilyana... which included picking out adorable little outfits for her.

Wine night at Cafe Europe downtown

 Lunch at a local and organic restaurant - the Iron Hen

Tofu tacos
 Ordering our wedding invitations!!!!!

Below is the card we're using
 with this font
 Between visiting DC and spending time with the fam in the boro, I am a happy girl!  Mom, Sarah, Maya and I drove down to Boca on Saturday and have been enjoying some serious girl time ever since.

Hope you had a great Monday!!


  1. Ummm, why isn't Maya sporting her sassy new collar?!! Or is she saving it to show off on the beach? ;)

  2. Haha I didn't want Frankie to ruin it while we were in the boro, but now she is lookin' sassy in her new digs!!!